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Elevate your performance & feel Bulletproof with our top of the range combat gear, where engineering meets innovation to give you a quality design. 

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All You Need to Know About High Quality MMA Gloves!

As all officially sanctioned MMA bouts need the usage of MMA gloves, thus purchasing and using them for your training is a must. With our Alpha Caveman Apparel custom high quality MMA gloves, you'll always feel safe and supported. They are designed to protect you and...

Why Purchase High Quality Boxing Gloves?

In Alpha Caveman Apparel a local Irish business, we set ourselves high standards by stocking only high quality boxing gloves. In Alpha Caveman Apparel we supply you with the ability to fly your flag always with our Alpha Caveman Apparel high quality custom boxing...


What People are Saying

“Comfortable & Cool”

I tried a number of different brands for our Gym Apparel for my Club but none compared to Alpha  Caveman Fightwear. In terms of design and value, they’re in a league of their own.

Arann Maguire

MMA Cork Head Coach

“Great Gear & flawless service”

The quality is excellent! the fabric is breathable & durable, Comfortable to wear and the fit is perfect, exactly what you need for a tough session

Warren Musselman

Rilion Gracie Black Belt

“Top Class”

“I have worn Alpha Caveman gear in my last 2 Professional fights and they are by far the best I have worn to date. Perfect for training and competing ” Top Class Gear!


Jack Maguire

Cage Warriors Fighter

“Amazing Fit”

“I have tried other brands and nothing comes close to alpha caveman & as a professional fighter my hands are my tools, so I need to feel safe and secure with alpha caveman’s boxing gloves amazing fit I couldn’t feel safer”.

John McCarthy 

Budding MMA Fighter