After purchasing a new pair of high quality boxing gloves, you do not want them to deteriorate quickly. To prevent this happening to your new high quality boxing gloves, these are some tips on how to keep them in good condition and to ensure they last longer.

Wash Your Hands

The number one tip is to ensure that you wash your hands. This seems like the most basic tip, but you would be surprised in how many people would forget. If you have filthy hands and do not wash them before you put on the new high quality boxing gloves it can transmit new bacteria to your new high quality boxing gloves, which is one of the main reasons they stink. This is because bacteria thrive in places such as sweaty dark places like boxing gloves which leads to an ideal breeding environment inside the new gloves.

Vinegar Spray to Clean the Gloves

Chemical disinfectant based sprays and wipes that we have gotten so used to in recent times because of covid destroy bacteria and some even leave a nice scent, but they are too harsh to use on high quality boxing gloves on a regular basis. A trick of the trade is to make up a simple solution of diluted vinegar, fill a spray bottle halfway with vinegar and halfway with water and you are good to go.

Use Hand Wraps Under the Gloves

Hand wraps not only protect your hands while you’re working out, but they also absorb away some of the sweat that is being produced while performing. This leads to less chances of the bacteria growing inside the new high quality boxing gloves.

Dry Out the Gloves

Your boxing gloves that are starting to smell really bad should be dried out. The most common source of bacterial growth on gloves is just being lazy and leaving them wet in a dark, damp area after training, such as a gym bag which leads to a rotten smelling pair of boxing gloves. It is critical to dry off your boxing gloves every time you train, whether you use the vinegar spray wipe down or not. Drying out your boxing gloves helps to limit bacterial development and keeps them from smelling nasty. When you leave your gloves out in the sun, they are exposed to UV light, which kills microorganisms. However, do not leave them out in the sun for long periods of time, as the boxing gloves will deteriorate over time. When it comes to boxing gloves and especially high quality boxing gloves, never use a dryer or a hair dryer because it will ruin both genuine and synthetic leather, as well as the padding of high quality gloves.

Undo Your Gloves Before Removing

When you’re done training, it’s always best to completely loosen your gloves by unlacing them or undoing the velcro cuff before gently pulling your hand out. You’ll often see people forcefully pulling their gloves off using their teeth or getting one of their training partners to pull it off for them. This is normally because they’re too lazy to loosen their gloves before taking them off. This is a bad idea because you’re damaging the internal fabric of your boxing gloves and can even tear them.