In Alpha Caveman Apparel a local Irish business, we set ourselves high standards by stocking only high quality boxing gloves. In Alpha Caveman Apparel we supply you with the ability to fly your flag always with our Alpha Caveman Apparel high quality custom boxing gloves that are built in a way that can protect you and your sparring partners from knockouts and unnecessary damage to your heads and faces. Furthermore, high quality boxing gloves have many other advantages such as the following.

Prevent Injury

From a medical standpoint, the shock caused by the speed of a strike can cause catastrophic injury but having high quality boxing gloves can protect you from that momentum. Wrist injuries have a long term effect and take a long time to heal. A boxer’s career is put in jeopardy as a result of this. High quality boxing gloves are important because they assist boxers in trying to avoid wrist injuries by providing wrist stability during the shock of a strike. Not only does it protect the wrists it can also protect fingers. High quality boxing gloves provide a cushion for your finger joints, which is one of its key roles. The jolt of a punch is particularly vulnerable to your finger joints, and the result can actually inflict major damage to your knuckles. Boxing gloves are crucial because they act as a protective shield.

Protect your Opponent

Momentum is the influence of a force on a moving object, this is basically the definition of boxing as it is all about momentum. The effect of momentum is far greater and more effective without boxing gloves than with gloves. Wearing boxing gloves that are not high quality, a punch’s momentum can cause significant harm and serious injury to your opponent. In higher quality boxing glovers the increased surface area of the boxing gloves decreases the shock’s impact, helping to shield an opponent from major damage.

Having Good Padding

For a pair of high quality boxing gloves, stable padding is required. Under high pressure, the padding provides ideal cushioning, protecting your fingers and knuckles. The high quality padding is made up of multiple layers of foam that are firmly glued together. Each layer is made to take the brunt of the impact. The high quality pleather or leather should be used to cover the padding, which will keep the boxing glove stable and prevent cracking.


People don’t have a lot of money to keep spending money on new boxing gloves every couple of months, but this keeps on happening. This leads to people shopping around looking for the cheapest boxing gloves that will never match the durability that you’ll need to get the most out of your investment. When purchasing high quality boxing gloves form Alpha Caveman Apparel a local Irish business you are guaranteed the quality and the durability.