Comfortable Sportswear, Does It Even Matter In COVID Times?

The Answer is NO it doesn’t matter what you wear for home workouts what matters is that you do something each day to keep healthy and active. We gain short-term mental health benefits from each bout of activity, so doing even small amount every day will be a huge benefit to getting through this most terrible of times.
During this crazy past 12 months where COVID has ravaged the entire world its been a difficult time for many small business but one of the industries that has certainly be hit most is the Gym & Fitness with many almost all gyms around the world having to close their doors leaving many Gymgoers wondering what to do now or more so how to do it.
While shopping online ( and obviously in store) for Gym gear has fallen during the last year the opposite can be said for Gym equipment so if you are looking to purchase kettle belles, dumbells, yoga mats or any other equipment don’t worry there are many exercises you can do to keep active during this our latest lockdown.
You can perform body weight exercises in small spaces and with little equipment to no equipment except for a towel and a bottle of water. For example, Squats are a great way to build your core and again can be done with no equipment if you are a novice or alternatively tins of food as hand weights for upper body strength exercises, while calf-raises, knee to elbow and standing wall press-ups target strength, flexibility, coordination and balance while I would also advise some Yoga or meditation during this difficult time.

If you are someone who enjoyed the social aspect of the gym and find it difficult to train on your own then go find a Zoom class on line where you are working with an instructor and will surly be the closest thing to being in a gym that you could get.

To reiterate when you are training at home, especially in this tough time don’t worry one bit what you are wearing You can wear loose clothes which are old and are being used just for the sake of it, or you can also wear the perfect fitting set of compression clothes or anything that is specially made for the gym, all that matters id that you keep your mind and body motivated and active.

As humans do we shall adapt and overcome this COVID 19 pandemic, and look back on this in years to come as the time we didn’t leave it beat us into submission, It’s been proven that being physically active helps mental and physical health so home workouts during this time will be particularly helpful to maintain our well-being.