As all officially sanctioned MMA bouts need the usage of MMA gloves, thus purchasing and using them for your training is a must. With our Alpha Caveman Apparel custom high quality MMA gloves, you’ll always feel safe and supported. They are designed to protect you and your sparring partners from cuts, bruises, and unwanted injury. To purchase high quality MMA gloves is up to you and in this blog, it will give you all the information you need to know.


Even if you specialize in grappling or ground fighting, you’ll need to work on your upright striking skills to become a proficient mixed martial artist. You’ll be hitting punching bags, concentration mitts, and your training partners throughout your striking session. You’ll need to protect your hands from all of those impacts in order to workout. If you are training three times a week that’s a lot of punching, so using high quality MMA gloves enables you to train with security that you know in the back of your mind that your hands wont be bust up the morning after every training session. In Alpha Caveman Apparel a local Irish business, we are lucky enough to stock high quality MMA gloves that our customers rant and rave about.


If you purchase a pair of high quality MMA gloves you should be able to use your MMA gloves for several years. They should be made of the highest quality and should be able to resist a lot of wear. This involves, among other things, the material, stitching, and cut of the MMA gloves leather. At Alpha Caveman Apparel we strive to produce the highest quality of MMA gloves on the market by ensuring that we put quality as our number aspect through out our product range.

How to ensure you keep the high quality MMA gloves clean

Even if you only do a little workout while wearing your new high quality MMA gloves, they will be exposed to moisture and perspiration. Without proper care, bacteria can start to form in your gloves, causing skin irritation, material degeneration and worst of all that disgusting smell. To keep your gloves fresh and in good shape, follow our simple cleaning instructions.

Step 1

Make use of wraps. Wraps act as a barrier between your skin and the glove, preventing additional moisture or sweat from entering the glove. This can help to prevent any bacteria growing while also helping in the protection of your hands.

Step 2

Hang your gloves in a dry, well ventilated area. Avoid direct sunlight and untie the strap as much as possible to enable air to circulate. Bacteria thrive in moist settings, so drying your gloves after each use will keep them from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.  If you done these two simple steps it will help ensuring you keep your high quality MMA gloves clean and in good condition.